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What is Burly?

Burly facilitates peer-to-peer sharing between construction equipment owners and companies that have temporary equipment needs. Its platform helps propel new revenues to equipment owners and saves renters time and money.

If you’re looking to rent equipment, it is costly and time-consuming to shop different rental yards and compare prices and availability for needed equipment. Burly gives you fast real-time searching of equipment available in your area for prices much lower than a rental yard.

Construction equipment sits idle 70% of the time. If you own it, while that machine isn’t working making revenue, you must still pay for insurance, finance, tax, maintenance, storage, and other costs. With Burly, you will increase profitability by improving the utilization of your equipment, and Burly protects your equipment from damage with a $250,000 insurance policy.

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For Equipment Owners

Burly increases your profits by improving the utilization of your idle equipment, big and small. You access Burly’s users, marketing, and promotional tools without any upfront costs and guaranteed payment terms. Burly handles the scheduling and paperwork, including insurance, rental contracts, and payments. List your equipment today and start making money.

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For Equipment Renters

Burly accelerates your search with fast real-time searching of equipment available in your area, a much larger pool of equipment to access for your projects, and prices lower than rental yards.

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